We have dance! We're stoked to announce that SANAxxx, a gifted beauty and performance dancer from Japan, will be appearing at the convention in the story of HANNYA - bringing to life her hidden emotions and captivating the audience with her expression. Using a combination of Butoh (traditional Japanese dance theatre) and contemporary dance, SANAxxx will bring the magic world of Japanese culture and arts to the stage in Hong Kong. Take a sneak peak at the link below.
我們有舞蹈表演! 我們興奮地要宣布, 來自日本的SANAxxx, 一位美麗和天才橫溢的舞蹈員, 將在會場表演HANNYA的故事 - 她將人類最隱藏的情感, 演繹得栩栩如生, 令觀眾看得投入。
舞蹈結合了Butoh (傳統日本歌舞劇) 和當代舞蹈, SANAxxx將在香港舞台帶來日本文化和藝術的魔幻世界。